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    “Our Story"

    Danielle De Belen and Matthew Tsinkorang collaborated their successful experiences and careers in both business, customer service, and the fitness industry. Recognizing one another’s dedication to hard work, helping others improve their quality of life, and striving for excellence.

    Danielle is a Canadian Nationals Womens Figure champion and launched her meal prep skills over two years ago by creating clean, healthy, and delicious meals for herself, family, and friends to help them attain their dietary goals. Danielle has since built up a large monthly customer base which continues to grow rapidly! Danielle's talent to create outstanding and delicious meals stood out to Matthew once he sampled some of her keto meals.

    Matthew is a two-time Canadian Nationals Bodybuilding & Classic Physique champion and has been involved in the fitness community for over 15 years. Matthew saw that the meal prep industry in Vancouver was lacking certain elements that could make it great. He reached out to Danielle, the two connected instantly with mutual respect and trust for one another and he helped to make her dreams become reality with the creation of Premium Meals. They formed a powerhouse partnership that will strive for greatness and enhance the full-service meal prep experience in the Greater Vancouver area.


    We are dedicated to providing fresh, high-quality, and nutritious meals catered to your lifestyle or goals. We ensure top quality customer service and flavors that fuse tasty elements from a vast variety of cultures in Vancouver.